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Phenomenal . . .
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Monday, February 25, 2019

Sisterlocks Anniversary: Six years 7 months Travel Edition

During my Six years, seven months Sisterlocks Anniversary, I traveled to three countries (Japan, Germany, London/U.K.) in nine days.  The Sisterlocks made for maximum enjoyment of my vacation days.

Tokyo, Japan was my first stop!

Frankfurt, Germany was my second stop!

Another picture while in Tokyo, Japan 

I shared some of my travel links within a different article, but here are a few other links surrounding my international travels.

Familiar USA names were abroad:

Food from Abroad:

The Japanese Bidet Experience:

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Sisterlocks Anniversary: Six years and six months

Another Sisterlocks Anniversary- Six years and six months.

I apologize about the lateness of this post.  I was literally flying around the world. (Tokyo*Frankfurt*London)  I will share the links to the travel articles at the end of this hair article.

I have a big head so people think that I cut my Sisterlocks when I wear them up, but nope, I just have a big head.

In my domestic and international travels, many have been disappointed with the Sisterlocks organization.  People need to know that like many other multi-level marketing type of organizations who have INDEPENDENT Contractors, they are some unethical people throughout the organization.  Scams will happen.  No organization can control everybody that buys into their brand.  Some people take the Sisterlocks course because they do have a personal agenda that has more to do with their personal pockets versus the love of hair. Just be careful. I still offer Locking consultations.  If you need to fly me in to discuss my experience with Locking techniques let me know.  I am a Master cosmetologist in three states in US, and I am a loctician.  I have taken the Sisterlocks training multiple times, but I DO NOT represent the Sisterlocks organization.  I am my own brand.  I do establish starter locs.

And now, My links to my travel articles: