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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Hair Thickening Solutions to Consider

Matcha Ceremonial Grade Green Tea

Like many women, my crown of my head has been tempermental.  Relaxers, aging, overtightening of my locs have all contributed to some thinning over the decades.  However, I have great news!!!!

I added some Matcha Ceremonial Grade Green Tea to my Herbalife non-GM Chai tea and noticed hair thickening in my crown area. I also added Artichoke tea and Oolong tea to my daily regimen.  I consume the Herbalife tea cocktail in the morning.  The Artichoke tea in the midday.  The Oolong tea before bedtime.  I have done this for a month, and my scalp does not get "sticky" in that crown area anymore.  It looks thicker too!

According to my research, the green tea fights that DHT hormone that causes hair loss. I plan to stick with my teas.  It forces extra water consumption because it is literally steeping tea bags for the Artichoke tea and Oolong tea.

I have to mix the Ceremonial Grade Green tea in my Herbalife shaker bottle.  It tastes like "grass" unless I add it to my HerbaLife custom cocktail.

You can order the HerbaLife Non-GM Chai tea from my website at
You can order the Matcha Green tea from

Please get medical advice if you are already on other medications before adding herbal teas.  Men you can drink the tea too!

Artichoke tea, Oolong tea, Soursop tea and other teas can all be ordered from the Zuleana website.

Free registration is required for my HerbaLife website.  It allows me to followup with you!

My Herbalife chai tea and green tea cocktail
(along with Herbalife probiotics, collagen beauty booster, peach mango beverage mix, and cranberry aloe concentrate)

Self Commitment to Finding your Best you!

Around every corner,
 I see teeny weeny afro's.
 I see ponytails. 
 I see wash and go's. 
I see braid extensions.
 I see wigs. 

On the Internet, I see women with natural hair underneath wigs with all of their hairline balding from the wig adhesive.

This is craziness.

I have no idea what the single men are thinking about all this natural hair.  As for the married men, we all know it is cheaper to keep her.

I only have one thing to say to women- 
find your best you. 

It may be years of trial and error but find your best you! You owe it to yourself. If you have not changed anything within the last ten years about your hair, you need to ask for a plan to make a change.  Haircolor? Haircut? Crochet Braids?  Relaxer?

Keep in mind your lifestyle and the upkeep required.  Do not make an impulse decision.  You should consider at least two different hair directions and plan for the BEST one.