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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Making of my "Wonder Woman" Look!

June 2017

With the success of the "Wonder Woman" Superhero movie, I wanted to re-create my own "Superwoman" look.  Here's some building blocks for you to recreate the look too!

Black Knight shield (from a party store like "Party City")
Rhinestone headpiece (from Beauty supply store) 

I have featured this type of headpiece/headband before on this blog.  I believe that it was during the Holidays.

Cosmetics and Skincare to create the look:
Herbalife Firming Eye Gel
 L'Oreal Anti-Fatigue BB Cream
L'Oreal True Match pressed powder

Believe it or not, I didn't spend much time applying dramatic makeup at all.  Just primers and powders!  In addition to Lighting and use of an Instagram Filter.  I also held my head in a position to eliminate shadows.

Of course, you can order the Herbalife SKIN care product directly from my website by creating a FREE Account first. Start here:

June 2017

I am enjoying that I am inspiring others. (Photo: Instagram)


  1. Go lighting and Instagram filter! I actually didn't even recognize you - I thought that was a young girl that you had gotten to model the look - cute... Amazing!

    1. LOL Believe it or not, you were not the only one who didn't recognize me. Precisely, my inspiration for publishing this article. Thank you!