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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Subscriber Hair Question About Goddess Locs

Photo credit:  Getty Images

Hair Question to me from a subscriber:   Quick hair question, I just got Goddess locs. Can I get them wet?  The shop told me not to get them wet after I sat to get them all installed and paid for.

Benita's response:

First of all, there is no such thing as a "quick hair question."

Secondly, What do you mean by "wet?"
  • Stuck in the rain?
  • Shampooing?
  • Swimming?
The real answer:  The $300 Goddess locs braiding styles are typically not human hair. Therefore, trapping wetness inside of the excessively wrapped synthetic fibers is a recipe for "smelly locs."  Therefore, I would listen to the advice of the shop that installed them.  Do not swim in them.  Do not shampoo them.  Do not engage in a lot of water saturation activities while wearing the synthetic goddess locs.  The Human Hair Goddess locs run about $700, and only braiding specialists offer them. There is a specific type of human hair that can be used to make the style more active lifestyle friendly.

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