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Phenomenal . . .
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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Syntonics relaxer test on Sisterlocks hair

I had been in search of a replacement for the VitalePro High Comfort relaxer system.  I was looking for a lye relaxer that was tolerable to sensitive scalps.  So far, Syntonics straightens without much irritation.  I used the "mild" relaxer strength.  I only relaxed a few symmetric patches of hair around my hairline.  I rinsed the relaxer out  with my face down so that runoff water did not get into the rest of my locked hair.  My plan was to texturize versus making my hair too straight.  So far, it passes my initial testing requirements.

NOTE:  The neutralizing shampoo and conditioner both have soothing/cooling properties built in.  Some people will love it.  Others may not.  


  1. Hi Benita- Did you relax the hairline to tame a few unruly hairs? Or just to test the product? Considering SL and I have a growing but shorter hairline curious about how that's going to work out in the beginning. Especially since you're not allowed to use any products.

    1. Hi Pamela Dawn! My hair is resistant so unless I get it bone straight, it will eventually revert. So I relaxed the hairline to test the relaxer system. Unless I edge gel it, no one knows that I "texlaxed" my edges.