Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Syntonics relaxer test on Sisterlocks hair

I had been in search of a replacement for the VitalePro High Comfort relaxer system.  I was looking for a lye relaxer that was tolerable to sensitive scalps.  So far, Syntonics straightens without much irritation.  I used the "mild" relaxer strength.  I only relaxed a few symmetric patches of hair around my hairline.  I rinsed the relaxer out  with my face down so that runoff water did not get into the rest of my locked hair.  My plan was to texturize versus making my hair too straight.  So far, it passes my initial testing requirements.

NOTE:  The neutralizing shampoo and conditioner both have soothing/cooling properties built in.  Some people will love it.  Others may not.  

Confused about Hair Growth?

Question:  Do you have to keep your hair cut or trimmed to keep it growing?
ANSWER: No!  I have not cut my hair/Sisterlocks in almost five years . . . .  my hair is still growing!

Question:  Am I consuming too much biotin?
ANSWER:  If you are taking over 5mg/5,000mcg of biotin per day, then I would try to eliminate a biotin source. I have known too many people consuming 10,000 mcg, 12,000mcg and up of biotin  (superbiotin) per day.  It seems to cause other health and/or hair challenges.  Side effects vary.  If you are taking a multi-vitamin, a "hair, nails, and skin" vitamin, meal replacement shake (i.e. Herbalife), and taking an additional 5,000 mcg of biotin capsule, then you need to add up how much biotin that you are really consuming. You may need to reduce the "extra biotin" to 1,000 mcg if you are getting the Daily Value of Biotin from other sources.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sisterlocks Anniversary: Four years 9 months

The five year countdown is almost here!  I have been posting monthly since day one of my Sisterlocks journey with test Sisterlocks through establishment and so on.  Should I continue to post monthly progress after July 2017?  Any thoughts anyone?  Thank you to everyone who has been following me for over seven years!  I am almost at my one million pageviews.  God is so good!  I am reaching milestones.  Thanks for reaching milestones with me.

So for my four years 9 months Sisterlocks anniversary, I refreshed my liquid chalk hair color again.  I love it.  I apply the product to braided sections to distribute the color versus having chunkiness.  It is my preference. Color placement is in the hands of the artist.

Boom! Color Splash in 10 minutes and no wash required!