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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Some Professional Black Women Prefer Relaxers in 2017

Vitale Pro High Comfort Regular Relaxer service by Benita Blocker.

Paul Mitchell Regular Relaxer Service by Benita Blocker.

Fiberguard Affirm Mild relaxer service by Benita Blocker.

All Black women are NOT going natural.  More than half of my clientele receive relaxer services.  If it is not broke, why try to fix it?  For the Black women who love their natural hair and have discovered a routine, more power to you. For those who are ready to give up, my business was built on chemicals.  The "creamy crack" has been around for as long as the "pressing comb" - you can have healthy, long, relaxed hair.  

The most frequent relaxer touch-up service is at a 7 week period.  Some clients get a virgin relaxer once a year. Relaxers are more weather resistant.  Overall, they save my clients time and money.


  1. Thank you for this Post! People would have you believe that you can only have healthy hair if its natural. BTW, I am natural now but have relaxed my hair in the past and my hair was very healthy. I support women wearing their hair which ever way works for them. Thanks again ***Love the Blog

  2. You are welcome Mini Confessions! Thank you for your feedback!!!!

  3. Are you still satisfied with the Vitale pro relaxer I'm interesting in switching from Design Essentials

    1. Lovie Marshall: I have discontinued the Vitalepro relaxers. The system has become defective. I don't know why the products were separating and becoming unstable. I am in the process of evaluating the Syntonic relaxer system.