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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sisterlocks Anniversary: 5 years and 2 months

My collage of me age 27 versus age 47.

Twenty years later, I am in Sisterlocks land. I am at my five years and two month Sisterlocks anniversary.  I am not blogging as much because the natural hair movement is full throttle, and many of my clients still love their relaxers.  I must admit that relaxers make my job and my clients' lives easier.  I don't plan to stop the relaxers when so many still benefit from them.

For those who have learned to make natural hair - loose or locked work - then it is all good!!!  I personally know that my loc journey is my final hair destination.  I will continue to partner with clients to meet their needs with or without chemicals.

My fractured arm is healing!  I have been out of work for about six weeks now.  I miss my clients, and they miss me!!!  I am watching my weight using Herbalife meal replacement shakes and other supplements.  My nails on my injured hand are the longest they have been in a long time.  I feel like Superwoman.  LOL

My arm is strong enough to get more walking in for exercise. (sweating in picture above)  Also, my left arm is able to tightening my Sisterlocks with ONE HAND and Bantu knot set them for styling purposes.

Sisterlocks are clearly Apocalypse ready.  I just need my hands to tighten and finger style (one hand at that).  It just doesn't get any simpler than that from a self sufficiency standpoint. Well, stay tuned until next month!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Trending: Side Swept Goddess Braid

Hair by Benita Blocker

I have seen all races of women, Celebrities all with this Side Swept Goddess braid.  It starts with a side part.  It is a trendy, elegant style!

I used Expression length Jumbo braiding hair. I was able to braid to the end because of the two different lengths. (84" and 85")

Sisterlocks:. Five Years One Month Anniversary

I was in the mix for the August 2017 Eclipse.  I had an eye exam scheduled during the eclipse! 
So coincidental!

I fractured my humerus bone in my right arm.  I painted this picture with left hand.  I received a lot of compliments!

I bantu knot set my whole head using my left hand.  Sisterlocks are no joke! One hand or both hands- can deliver glam!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Promise Land: Five years Into Sisterlocks!

My Loc Journey:  It's my Five Years Sisterlocks Anniversary!

Five years . . . I made it over!

Three inches a year in visible length makes this last year the finale in my monthly check-ins.

My locs DID NOT feel heavy on my last shampoo.  So I realize if I don't keep my roots tightened then the shampoo process makes my locs heavy and stressful to my scalp.

I also have learned that water or water based sprays fluffy my locs out.  Usually my roots need fluffing on a daily basis.

Thank you for following my Sisterlock journey!  I am going to push myself to continue writing about hair.  Stay tuned.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Four years 11 months Sisterlocks Anniversary

I used "Tibet Jewels" Fair Trade Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon Yarn to "headband" twist my Sisterlocks. I enjoyed the results of the waviness of my locs. However, I did get some of the colored threads clinging to my locs.  It was easy to identify the colorful threads and remove them from my locs.  Five or six threads were not bad.  My hair also took on the smell of the sari ribbon yard temporarily.  I plan to shampoo or wash the yarn again before repeating this method.  

I definitely plan to repeat the headband set!

Believe it or not, this anniversary was the first time that my Sisterlocks actually felt heavy during my shampoo.  I am not sure if that will be my "new normal" feeling or not, but  maybe I just need to catch up on my root tightening.  I will keep you posted next month!

Transitioning from relaxed to natural

Hair by Benita Blocker

Styling Options for Transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair:
1) Wet Set Flattwists using Design Essentials Twist and Set Setting Lotion as seen in attached pictures.
2) Protective styling:  Crochet Braids, Sew-in's or regular braided styles
3) Sisterlocks, Interlocs, Locs

Transitioning to Natural

Flat Twist styling

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Making of my "Wonder Woman" Look!

June 2017

With the success of the "Wonder Woman" Superhero movie, I wanted to re-create my own "Superwoman" look.  Here's some building blocks for you to recreate the look too!

Black Knight shield (from a party store like "Party City")
Rhinestone headpiece (from Beauty supply store) 

I have featured this type of headpiece/headband before on this blog.  I believe that it was during the Holidays.

Cosmetics and Skincare to create the look:
Herbalife Firming Eye Gel
 L'Oreal Anti-Fatigue BB Cream
L'Oreal True Match pressed powder

Believe it or not, I didn't spend much time applying dramatic makeup at all.  Just primers and powders!  In addition to Lighting and use of an Instagram Filter.  I also held my head in a position to eliminate shadows.

Of course, you can order the Herbalife SKIN care product directly from my website by creating a FREE Account first. Start here:

June 2017

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Faux Natural Hair Styling on Relaxed Hair

Blue Flexi-rod  hair style by Benita Blocker

I used large row and small vertical partings to get my client's head completely under the dryer.  I pulled the pieces apart after the drying process.

Faux Natural:  My relaxed hair client is Free styling at home.

Three step Natural hair updos

Natural hair styling by Benita Blocker

Step one:   Blow-dry the hair straight
Step two:  Use Mizani Moisture Stretch product to double strand twist individually and/or flat twisted
Step three: Create the updo.  Long hair - bun styling; Medium length hair - try modern french roll

Natural hair bun styling by Benita Blocker

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Subscriber Hair Question About Goddess Locs

Photo credit:  Getty Images

Hair Question to me from a subscriber:   Quick hair question, I just got Goddess locs. Can I get them wet?  The shop told me not to get them wet after I sat to get them all installed and paid for.

Benita's response:

First of all, there is no such thing as a "quick hair question."

Secondly, What do you mean by "wet?"
  • Stuck in the rain?
  • Shampooing?
  • Swimming?
The real answer:  The $300 Goddess locs braiding styles are typically not human hair. Therefore, trapping wetness inside of the excessively wrapped synthetic fibers is a recipe for "smelly locs."  Therefore, I would listen to the advice of the shop that installed them.  Do not swim in them.  Do not shampoo them.  Do not engage in a lot of water saturation activities while wearing the synthetic goddess locs.  The Human Hair Goddess locs run about $700, and only braiding specialists offer them. There is a specific type of human hair that can be used to make the style more active lifestyle friendly.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Sisterlocks Anniversary: Four years ten months

Four years and ten months later, I have enough length to wash and go!

I use the L.O.C. regimen.

Liquid _Oil_Creme

Design Essentials  Coconut Monoi Line (Coconut Milk Leave-in Nourisher and Deep Moisture Milk Souffle) are a part of my Liquid and Creme.  I used the Design Essentials Hydrience Argan Hair Repair Oil Treatment for my Oil component.  The Coconut Monoi line is purchased from Sally's Beauty Supply.  I used this regimen after the shampoo and/or condition of my Sisterlocks.

I also have started carrying handbags versus shoulder bags.   My Sisterlocks kept getting trapped in the shoulder strap of my shoulder bags no matter how hard that I try to lift them off of it.  The stress and pull is not worth weakening my locs.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

2005 Ultra Sheen models look like 2017

Ultra Sheen Men (2005) - 

Young Men today are trying to achieve the "fro" look that the  gentleman in the plaid is sporting.

Ultra Sheen Women -2005

Clearly, this picture represents 2017 hair but the candy choices lets you know that it is not.

Retro hair.  Recyling the look.  Any thoughts?

Let's Talk Where to Cut the Hair!

Photo credit: Hair Artist Sharlena Bell

Positions 1, 2, and 3 - are clearly haircut status in the picture above
Position 4 is called a dusting off of the ends.

The longer the hair; the less important the question of where to cut becomes.

Position 1 - would give maximum thickness, movement, and restore hair to a healthy reset.

Ultimately, I would cut between Positions 3 and 4 unless the client is certain that she wants a "chunky" liberal cut.

Any thoughts?

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Syntonics relaxer test on Sisterlocks hair

I had been in search of a replacement for the VitalePro High Comfort relaxer system.  I was looking for a lye relaxer that was tolerable to sensitive scalps.  So far, Syntonics straightens without much irritation.  I used the "mild" relaxer strength.  I only relaxed a few symmetric patches of hair around my hairline.  I rinsed the relaxer out  with my face down so that runoff water did not get into the rest of my locked hair.  My plan was to texturize versus making my hair too straight.  So far, it passes my initial testing requirements.

NOTE:  The neutralizing shampoo and conditioner both have soothing/cooling properties built in.  Some people will love it.  Others may not.  

Confused about Hair Growth?

Question:  Do you have to keep your hair cut or trimmed to keep it growing?
ANSWER: No!  I have not cut my hair/Sisterlocks in almost five years . . . .  my hair is still growing!

Question:  Am I consuming too much biotin?
ANSWER:  If you are taking over 5mg/5,000mcg of biotin per day, then I would try to eliminate a biotin source. I have known too many people consuming 10,000 mcg, 12,000mcg and up of biotin  (superbiotin) per day.  It seems to cause other health and/or hair challenges.  Side effects vary.  If you are taking a multi-vitamin, a "hair, nails, and skin" vitamin, meal replacement shake (i.e. Herbalife), and taking an additional 5,000 mcg of biotin capsule, then you need to add up how much biotin that you are really consuming. You may need to reduce the "extra biotin" to 1,000 mcg if you are getting the Daily Value of Biotin from other sources.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sisterlocks Anniversary: Four years 9 months

The five year countdown is almost here!  I have been posting monthly since day one of my Sisterlocks journey with test Sisterlocks through establishment and so on.  Should I continue to post monthly progress after July 2017?  Any thoughts anyone?  Thank you to everyone who has been following me for over seven years!  I am almost at my one million pageviews.  God is so good!  I am reaching milestones.  Thanks for reaching milestones with me.

So for my four years 9 months Sisterlocks anniversary, I refreshed my liquid chalk hair color again.  I love it.  I apply the product to braided sections to distribute the color versus having chunkiness.  It is my preference. Color placement is in the hands of the artist.

Boom! Color Splash in 10 minutes and no wash required!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Urban Hair Humor in 2017

Haircut and styling transformation by Benita Blocker

COWORKER #1:  Did you cut all your hair off just to wear a wig?
COWORKER #2:  (In answer to Coworker #1) No, she just is wearing a different wig today.

My new client:  (staring at both of her coworkers) Excuse me. That was my all of my hair before my haircut, and this is all of my hair now.  I don't wear wigs!

Huge compliment on my relaxer and haircutting skills!!!! BOOM!

Sisterlocks At 4 years 8 months

Yeah baby!  July 2017 will mark my five years Sisterlocks anniversary.  I can hardly believe five years is almost here.  What a long loc journey!  

Anyway, I am at 4 years and 8 months.  I had someone ask me if I used the "Hot water and perm rods" dipping technique to get these curls and waves in my locs.


Shampoo, condition, setting lotion, pipe cleaners, roll the Sisterlocks up, and sit under the platform dryer for about 2 hours.  It is real hair NOT braid extensions. Hair education is important!

Another Great Hair Movie: Trolls

Princess Poppy from the "Trolls" movie

I saw this Easter Basket in Walmart.  I almost purchased it because I simply loved Princess Poppy from the "Trolls" movie.  She was a happy little thing.  Royalty at its best!!!!

The Trolls movie was a definite "hair movie!"  All different haircolors and lengths were popping and growing everywhere. If you get a chance, I recommend this movie when you want to re-discover 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Long Relaxed Hair: The Bi-Annual Haircut

Blow Dry and Haircut by Benita Blocker
(Blow-dry was done lightly on unwashed hair to achieve enough straightness for a dry cut.)

It was time for my client's bi-annual haircut.  We cut two or three inches off every six months.

Typically, she wears her relaxed hair in a flat twist out.  The wet set helps maintains the healthiness of the hair.  She gets relaxer touchups every 7 weeks.  She typically gets her protein treatment a week prior to the relaxer touchup.  Without haircuts, her hair continues to grow as seen in the before and after picture above.  We do a chunky haircut every six months to "prune" her long hair back into a blunt look.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Review: Red Colorwash on Sisterlocks

Since my locs love absorbing products, I was excited about this red shampoo by Celeb Luxury Viral.

I only shampooed the midshaft to the ends of my Sisterlocks with the red shampoo.  Because my locs are mostly black besides the grey strands, I can only see the red tint in the sunlight.  I only shampooed  once with this colored shampoo.  If I was prelightened, then I would assume that the fire engine red color would be front and center.

I wore gloves to be on the safe side to minimize staining of my hands.  The shampoo suds up fine. The shampoo works.  I was a little disappointed initially, but in the sunlight, one shampoo tells the real story.

Wet Loc Length at 4 years 7 months

It is strange that people are still so obsessed with my Sisterlocks length. I am focused on curls and volume, but I have learned to give people a little more of what they want.

My Sisterlocks are four years and seven months old.  When they are wet, you see their full length. I get a lot of shrinkage when they are dry. I am okay with it. I like using the length to create fullness. 

My large (fore)head requires the length to fully frame my face. Night and day difference between bringing my locs toward the front of my face versus hanging in the back. Right? Head shapes do make a difference.

I am still using HerbaLife nutrition to lose weight and maintain healthy long hair.