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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Benita's Favorite Products of 2016

First of all, anything on my 2015 List from November of last year that I still love will NOT be repeated on this list.  So let's get started!

Favorite Detangling Shampoo
ColorProof SuperRich Moisture Shampoo

Favorite Light Brown Semi-permanent Haircolor
Clairol Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution color name: 6N Toasted Hazelnut

Favorite Weightless Shine Spray
Chi Shine Infusion

Favorite Hairspray for Thermal Straightening
Joico JoiMist Firm Hairspray

Favorite Roller set Foam
Congo Perfecta Wrap-Set-Twist Foam Lotion

Favorite Moisturizing Conditioner
Rucker Roots Moisturizing Conditioner

Favorite Loc Setting Lotion
Design Essentials Twist and Set Setting Lotion

Favorite Leave-in Repair Spray
Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair (use on wet hair)

Favorite Color Alert Neutralizing Shampoo
Elasta QP Stop Action Neutralizing Shampoo

Favorite Liquid Chalk Temporary Color
L'Oreal Technique Liquid Chalk colors: Pink Pop and Better Off Red

Favorite Synthetic Hair Moisturizer
Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Styling Butter

Favorite Loc Repair Aid
Invisible thread color: Smoke

Favorite Wet Gray Cover-up Temporary Solution
Roux Fanci-full Color Styling Mousse colors: 23 Frivilous Fawn and 12 Black Rage mixed together.

Favorite Moisturizing Semi-permanent Haircolor
Nairobi TruColors

Favorite Setting Lotion Concentrate
Design Essentials Masterpiece

Many products from my previous lists are still my favorites.  So if you are going Christmas shopping or Black Friday shopping - print out this list as well as the previous versions of my favorites list.

Happy Holidays!!!!!


  1. This is fantastic! May I please know your favorite softening/smoothing aid for type 4 natural hair (temporary not a relaxer) and your favorite coloring for a rich 1b shade of black on natural type 4 hair thanks.

    1. Certainly, Beth Minardi's Demi-permanent cream hair color 3BB + 3ICE with 5 volume developer works great on type 4 natural hair. As far as a smoothing treatment, Brazilian Blowout has always been my favorite, but I did not want to risk respiratory problems with prolonged exposure. Type 4 hair usually don't get the same smoothing effect as Type 3 hair. I don't have a definite smoothing treatment recommendation for type 4 hair at this time. The Beth Minardi demi-permanent cream hair color seems to loosen type 4 curl patterns. It could double as a smoothing treatment.

  2. Thanks a million this is just the type
    Of information I'm looking for. Ok I'm off to see where I can purchase now the demi color

  3. Good Morning! Just a quick question, is the softening of type 4a hair by the Beth Minnesota Demi color reversible as the color fades? Also is it a considerable texture release? Thanks for clarifying, Rose

    1. Hi Rose: The bad news is that Beth Minardi's line did not get enough Market saturation so it is being phased out. However, from an educational perspective, demi-permanent color is stronger than a "rinse" therefore, it does not fade like a "rinse." Beth Minardi's cream demi-permanent haircolor seemed more alkaline in my opinion than most demi-permanent haircolors. This alkalinity has a "texture release" similar to a "relaxer" HOWEVER, natural hair that does not get the bonds completely broken will revert back eventually to its original curly texture. So people who get "texlaxed" will find within a year more or less, that their hair shrinkage is back to its natural shrinking behavior. So yes, the Beth Minardi cream haircolor is reversible as far as texture release, but not reversible as far as haircolor. You will need to use bleach or haircolor remover to get the color out. I hope this answers your question.

    2. It does, thanks a million for your expertise and freely sharing your knowledge. Can you recommend an alternative please in the meantime that has your stamp of approval!

    3. Hi Rose! I did not forget you. I needed some time to try out some replacement options for Beth Minardi discontinued cream demi-permanent color. For natural hair customers who want a natural black result: Schwarzkopf Royal 3.0 with a 10 volume developer seems to deliver the same effects as the Beth Minardi 3ICE +3BB 5 volume cream formula.