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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Soapbox: Sisterlocks at Four years and two months

My Sisterlocks are Wet with conditioner.  

My hang time is quite visible when wet.  I had an established Sisterlocks client to come in for her first Sisterlocks consultation. Apparently, she started her loc journey around the same time.  Without her saying that she was comparing loc hangtime, the inflection in her voice let me know that she thought that her length was longer than mine.  In a dry state, her locs probably did look longer, and it seemed to matter to her.  I, on the otherhand, have been on my loc journey on my own, and I need no validation nor to compare.  However, I want to entertain the comparison within this article.

(Dry styled) Sisterlocks at 4 years 2 months.

Reasons why my Sisterlocks may look shorter:
  1. A previous certified Sisterlocks consultant (my third one?) went through ripping my buds off my ends causing me to lose as much as 2+ inches off of some of my Sisterlocks.   You can go back to my archives on this blog to read about this ordeal.
  2. I use the hand interlocking method to tighten my roots; therefore, I never put a lot of tension in my loc framework.  Greater tension keeps the coils unwind, but I prefer for my  coils to be slightly loose within the framework.
  3. I have a long face.  My nape hairline lines up with my nose.  Therefore if the measurements were taken starting from my scalp going to my ends, my length would be more accurately reflected than just focusing on hangtime.

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