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Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Piggyback Perm Rod Set on Sisterlocks!

Yes, my four years and 2 months loc-versary is in about four days from now.

My piggy back perm rod set took at least 45 minutes to do.  

I oranged perm rodded my roots for my entire head first.  Then went back and put the baby perm rods throughout the ends of each piece.

 The perm rods are in hindsight a little heavy.  Now, I see why people love the pipe cleaners (i.e. chenile stems, fuzzy sticks). The orange perm rods and larger may be too heavy for any type of hair.  Although, those past due for a relaxer touch-up may benefit from the weight of the perm rod.

My loc length and my curly ends were great!  I was inspired by box braid styling  that has the curly ends. I am past for the four year mark.  I should have about 3 inches more of hang time next year!

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