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Monday, August 8, 2016

Hair Texture Hierarchy: Surviving Discrimination

(And yes, I still have some gray hair.)

I knew that it was a matter of time that the hair texture hierarchy and/or discrimination would begin.  It was inevitable. Relaxers evened the playing field for most Black women.  Yet, with this natural hair movement, reality checks are getting cashed everywhere.  

Most Black women have some "European" influence in their hair texture, but for those like me, we are "African Royale."  My texture is excellent for locs.  Many Black women with more European mixed hair want locs that look like mine, but I realize my loc-print is unique to me  because of my coarse, resistant hair.

Now, for those whose reality check is that their hair is more of a type 4 (coil) than a type 3 (curl) - there are plenty of products to assist with control or many will weave or crochet it up.  It is all good.

People should not loc their hair until they are ready.  If that day never comes, then that is good too.

There was an article at that alerted me that some people were feeling like they fell lower in the hair hierarchy because their hair was not "exotic" enough.

Thank God for my "exotic skin" because my hair is simply royal like a "Cleopatra."  My curls are generated from a wet set. My edges are never smooth unless they are twisted or tightened.

I am content that locs were the best solution for my hairtype.  Black women have to accept their reality and plan accordingly in order to survive the natural hair discrimination practices.

I believe that hair and skin are natural discriminatory factors in the Dominican Republic surrounding Haitian inhabitants.  I have read that DR side of the island identifies with more Spanish influence than the Haitian side.  I believe that the DR wants to keep the blood lines separated.  One is  welcome to research more on this top as the international situations are subject to change.

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  1. well said, my sister! i'm an African royale myself, and locking was the best choice for me, too!