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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Straight No Chaser: Your HairCare Provider

As a former software engineer, many people question my career change to cosmetology.  
My response:  Computer programming is much simpler than hairdressing.  

13 Reasons Why Women Visit their Haircare Provider
  1. Job Interview
  2. Romantic Encounter Scheduled
  3. Formal Event Preparation
  4. Spousal Request
  5. Social Media Referral
  6. Personal Referral
  7. Temporary Physical Limitations
  8. Uplifting Makeover
  9. Meeting Military Standards
  10. Meeting Competition Standards
  11. Correction of a prior procedure
  12. Achieving a more polished look
  13. Experiencing higher quality product lines
Can you think of any other reasons?

The Reality Check from Your Haircare Provider
  • Everybody's hair is different which is why Beyonce put "Becky with the Good hair" on "blast" in 2016.
  • Until the hair is wet, it is hard to know what texture or textures are in play with the hair.
  • Once the hair is wet, service limitations for that salon visit are in play.
  • Sometimes hair makeovers require a series of visits built upon one another.
  • Client Feedback always influences future haircare decisions.
  • Perfection on the first visit is an overachievement. Just like your M.D. - expect to build a relationship.

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