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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Four Years Sisterlocks Anniversary Notes

Yes, my Four years Loc-versary is here! Many have asked me questions over the months about my locs - I think that I have some better answers.

Tip #1:  Adding oils while the locs are wet will not weigh them down, but it may slow drying time.

Tip #2: Allow four days after shampooing for the locs to fluff back up.  I see a lot more volume days after my shampoos. I mainly shampoo when too many people start asking me about my loc maintenance schedule.  That is usually my sign that the sweat and pollutants from the air have started to weigh it down.

Tip #3:  Over the years, I have doubled locs that have thinned out so I have what I consider tree branching in my locs.  I have not lost any locs.  I simply combine locs that need combining.  I try not to make a habit of it.  Most of my tree branches are around the hairline along with my temperamental patch of hair in the back of my head. I believe the tree branching is what makes the longer Sisterlocks look so full at the bottom versus their roots.

On a separate note, I am seeing more and more gray hair at my roots, but I am very hesitant to color my locs.  Many people enter into the haircoloring decision so easily, but I know that my hair is different from  most people so I really want to determine if that is a good idea or not for me surrounding the health of my locs. Although, some still mistake some of my gray hair for lint, I just don't worry about it anymore.


  1. hi, benita: you hair looks really good. i'm a few months behind you with my sisterlocks, and i was wondering if you've found a way to retain the wet length of your hair when it's dry (and straight). mine seems so much shorter when i let it dry as it is without doing a braidout.

    1. Hi Zebulun: You can use natural products to lock in your stretch just like the loose natural ladies. Personally, I am okay with the shrinkage and volume. The longer the Locs, the more careful that they don't get caught in my purse, car door, etc. I like my shrinkage.

    2. Again, thank you for continuing to follow me! I am so happy your Locs are coming along well. You have a lifetime to continue achieving length.