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Monday, June 27, 2016

Revolutionary Relaxer Service News 2016

Relaxer Touch-up tips for Growing Long, Relaxed Hair:

  • Blot the hair dry 
  • Lift the client's head completely up from the shampoo bowl
  • Visually, check the nape and hairline areas for relaxer residue
  • Check neck of the shampoo bowl for relaxer residue
  • Use a color indicator solution to take the guesswork out of alkalinity
  • Check the neck towel for signs of alkalinity
  • Shampoo several times if needed
  • Never condition before shampooing when neutralizing
  • NOTE:  Squeaky clean hair does not mean the relaxer residue is completely washed away.
  • Make sure multiple shampooing does not dry out the hair.  
  • Use conditioning neutralizing solutions. (Two products are mentioned in this youTube video.)
This video shows akaline water tests.  Porous hair should have as much water removed as possible before the final neutralizing shampoo is completed.


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  2. Hey! Your site has completely changed my view on relaxed hair care. It's really been phenomenal to learn about how to best care for my relaxed tresses - I can't believe that after almost 30 years of relaxing I didn't know any of what you have written. Do you have any recommendations for salons/stylists with your level of expertise in the London area?

    1. Thank you Christina for the compliment. I have not trained anyone from the London area. I wished that I had a referral, but I do not at this time. Warmest Wishes to you!