Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Real Hair, Real Talk: The Real You!

All hair pictured are my actual clients.  Real Hair by Benita Blocker.
You can have your hair your way!

Hair falls into Four categories: 
  • Faux Natural (Relaxed)
  • Loose Natural
  • Locked Natural
  • Relaxed

Faux Natural:  My faux natural clients have relaxed hair, but they wet set in flat twists, perm rods, etc to give the illusion of natural hair.

Loose Natural: Everyone is born with Loose Natural hair.

Locked Natural:  Sisterlocked, Interlocked, Traditional locs, etc.  The loc nation is a part of my own personal hair journey.

Relaxed hair:  If it works for you, then no use in fixing anything that is not broken.

The Aging Process:  Gray hair can be resistant to coloring and taming in order to keep it straight.  As my clients are aging, some are becoming double processed.  Haircolor plus relaxer touch-ups can make the hair temperamental and vulnerable to breakage. As clients are entering the age 40+  category, they need to prepare themselves for a potential new set of hair rules.

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