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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Crochet braids talk: Jamaican Bounce versus Caribbean Bounce

Crochet braids by Benita Blocker using Jamaican Bounce Curl. Colors: #350 and #2

"Hot Water Set" Possible was pictured prominently on the Jamaican Bounce Curl packaging label.  I will explain more about this at the end of this article.

Crochet braids by Benita Blocker using Caribbean Bounce Curl. Color: #4/30

I believe the Caribbean Bounce Curl is exclusive to the beauty2bar website; however, the Jamaican Bounce Curl is definitely a twin sister.  The curl diameters look the same to me.  

Both were prone to frizz with the least wrong move.  The Caribbean Bounce Curl was easier to twirl to get the frizz under control. I did not "hot water" pre-set, but both of these curl patterns may benefit from a dip in the hot water before crochet interlocking them.  Of course, if the client is bringing their crochet hair with them, then the service will be prolonged to just hot water set the hair.

Both curly textures require a hair bonnet to keep curls under control.  I plan to experiment on a few pieces to see how they each hot water set without perm rods.  I will add a comment to this article referencing my findings.

YouTube channel and brand ambassador Sadora Paris brought spotlight to the Caribbean Bounce Curl; however, on her most recent "Teal Ombre" YouTube video she used Kanekalon Straight hair and hot water set on purple flexi-rods to achieve her own DIY spiral curled crochet interlocking hair.  I can only assume that she may have encountered too much frizz too soon with the Caribbean Bounce Curl or the website sold out of the Caribbean Bounce Curl.   You can see the Do-It-Yourself hot water spiral curls technique at the 2:02 minute mark. Enjoy!

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