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Monday, April 4, 2016

New Naturalon Fiber content in Havana Mamba Twist

100% Naturalon has replaced the 100% Kanekalon fiber in the "Janet Collection" Havana Mambo Twist.

I did not find anything about this new fiber change on the Internet.  BeautyPlus Trading Company, Inc. is the parent company.  Made in Indonesia. Same SKU number.

The Naturalon/Toyokalon package also has "Handmade" on it.

I look forward to feedback on whether anyone has noticed in changes in how the Havana Mambo Twist continue to hold up. 

The only thing that possibly stood out to me was that the new fiber may slide more at the interlocked root. If this is the case, then the hair will try to undo itself if not reinforced.

I will update as I get more feedback on this change.

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