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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lash Extensions for my 3 years 9 months Loc-Versary

Inspired at the February 2016 Bronner Brothers Hair Show under Makeup Artist Cherry, I decided to put on some Lash extensions!!!!

I hope you love them, because they are too much work for me!!!!  Once they come off, mascara will all that my lashes will see again anytime soon!

I used the "Sassi" brand Lash glue and Kiss $3.00 lash extensions. 

Mistakes I made:
1) I glued my eye shut because the glue caught my bottom lashes into my top lash.
2) Glue spread too far down the lash extensions and caused the lashes to clump.
3) I probably ripped out my own lashes to put on a second pair of lashes because I messed up the first set.

I could go on, but besides praying that I didn't go blind from the lash glue, I think that you get the idea.

I hope you like them!  I did a perm rod set for my 3 years 9 months Sisterlocks anniversary.  I am a few days early, but it is close enough!

(NOTE:  I have been working on a #exonerateMichael campaign for a cousin in Georgia.  I hope to write more regularly when I complete that campaign. Thank you for your patience and support!)

I had my fun with the strip Lash extensions!

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  1. I received a ton of compliments on these lash extensions. I still had the majority of my real eyelashes still left. They lasted for one day. It was an adventure. Maybe for a special occasion, I will try again!