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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Faux Natural: Final Results from Flat Twisting

Faux Natural Styling by Benita Blocker

My client gets relaxer touchups every 8 weeks, and semi-permanent haircoloring to maintain her deep red color.  Her "faux natural" look is a result of flat twisting the relaxed hair, drying it, and unwinding each row one at a time.  There are no extensions so the longer the hair; the better.

I have many relaxed clients that get the flat twists and unwind them at home.  Some wear this styling all year long.  Some wear this styling during the summer months only. 

Clients can wear a headband or put it in an updo.  To maintain, most clients cornrow it at night in large rows to sleep overnight.

I call this styling "faux natural" because it allows my relaxed clients to blend in with the "relaxer-free" trend, and no one knows the difference!

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