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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Natural Hair: Curling iron versus Flat iron

Natural hair styling by Benita Blocker

Natural hair curled using electric ionic flat iron. (Paul Mitchell Smoothing iron)

Using a One inch flat iron.

Same natural hair client curled using an electric curling iron.

Natural Hair styling by Benita Blocker

Same client, Using 1" electric curling iron

The electric 1 inch curling iron seemed to deliver a "soft press" result on natural hair.  The electric 1 inch ionic smoothing/flat iron seemed to deliver a "hard press" result on my client's natural hair.  

Her feedback: "the soft press did not hold the style long enough" - so it looks like we will be  using the flat iron for future hair styling sessions!

I love my clients' feedback!  We partner to find a good regimen for their unique hair goals.

And thank you to all of my continued supporters of this blog.  I figured I would change the pace with this article.  I will check in with my own locs on my next wash day which is sometime soon - I promise.  I have just been preoccupied lately, and  that is the beauty of locs.  No worries. 

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