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Phenomenal . . .
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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Face Framing with Medium Length Locs

It's Day FIVE (5)!!!!  I am still holding onto that twist set.  Thank you Design Essentials Masterpiece.  You are my new best friend!!!!!!!! Yes!

I used smalll clippies for styling my locs on Day 5.  I also realized how huge my face is !!! My face seems to overpower my locs. Everyone has been noticing my loc length, but I think it is because they see my sides and back more than I do.  I have to get a mirror to see my full picture in a 360 degree pan.

Well, I am excited about my loc length more than ever!

By sweeping my loc length toward the front of my face as I did on Day 2, I feel that my facial features are more enhanced.

As my locs getting longer, I will probably wear them toward the front to frame my face.

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