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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day 10: Full Updo using Two Elastic Headbands

Loc Styling by Benita Blocker

I used two different elastic headbands to create this style.  One headband is an invisible, narrow elastic headband that creates some tension to keep all the Sisterlocks in place.  The second headband is wider and quite visible.  It is for decoration only.  It has NO tension, but since I need to retighten some of my new growth in the front, the decorative headband is to give me a more uniform loc look until I get caught up on my hand interlocking maintenance.

I didn't use any clippies with this full updo because the invisible headband is holding everything together.  Plus, those little clippies can get lost in my Sisterlocks.  I have to keep count of how many I put in so that I know how many to search for to take back out.  I realized that those clippies are a little extra work, but they have served their purpose.

I usually don't subject my Sisterlocks to any tension.  This evening when I let my Sisterlocks down to rest for the night, I will evaluate whether or not I see or feel any problems.  It's Day 10 post shampoo. I am really sold on the Design Essentials Masterpiece setting lotion. It's a week and a half from my last washing and my hair and scalp feel fine.  However, I know there are some people who are probably thinking "Yuck, you have not washed your hair in over a week now."  My scalp feels fine. I will try to work on tightening up my roots over the next few days, and then shampoo and wet set again.  

My 3 years and 6 months loc anniversary is coming up soon!  I will have to take pictures for a wet loc check-in during my next shampoo.  So stay tuned.

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