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Monday, November 23, 2015

Benita's Favorite Hair Products of 2015

First of all, anything on my 2014 List from November of last year that I still love will NOT be repeated on this list.  So let's get started!

Favorite Detangling Shampoo
Abba Moisture Shampoo (Great for transitioning from relaxer to natural!)

Favorite Deep Red/Burgundy Semi-permanent Haircolor
Colaura by Design Essentials' color name: Passion

Favorite Extra Cleansing Shampoo
Paul Mitchell Shampoo one

Favorite Cleansing Conditioner after Semi-permanent color application
Straight Request Power K77

Favorite Loose Natural Hair Haircolor
Beth Minardi Cream Demi-permanent Haircolor with 5 volume developer

Favorite Scalp Refresher Spray
Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin

Favorite Clarifying Shampoo after lightener/bleach service
Naked by Essations Detox shampoo

Favorite Color Sealer
Abba Color Protection Conditioner (pH: 2.5 - 3)

Favorite Color Alert Neutralizing Shampoo
Isoplus Neutralizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Favorite Kiddie Relaxer
ORS Olive Oil Girls

Favorite Jamaican Black Castor Oil Spray
Tropical Roots Jamaican Black Castor Oil Spray (light enough to use on fine hair, pre-blended with other oils for a subtle aroma)

Favorite conditioner with heat protection built in
Shea Moisture Professional Keravega Monoi Oil Complex Smooth Finish Conditioner

Favorite Gray Cover-up Temporary Solution
Color Wow Root Cover Up powder compact

Favorite Crochet Braid Removal Spray
Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Miracle Worker

Favorite Pre-Relaxer Scalp Protector
Syntonics Comfort Gel

Favorite Balayage Foil
Sunlights' The Balay Wrap

Favorite Hair Masque
Avlon Affirm MoisturRight Hair Repair Masque

Favorite Wig Detangler
HairUWear All Day Softness Leave-in Conditioner

Favorite Lightweight Foam for Relaxed, Fine Hair
Jane Carter Solution Wrap And Roll

Many products from my 2014 list are still my favorites as far as haircoloring is concerned.  So if you are going Christmas shopping or Black Friday shopping - print out this list as well as the 2014 version of my favorites list.

Happy Holidays!!!!!


  1. Can you write a post on Olaplex? Your thoughts etc. I want to try it on my natural hair. Some ladies on the forum are saying it reversed their heat damage.

    1. Sure. I will be working on the Olaplex topic for a future post! Olaplex is a conditioning additive that has been around for at least a year. I felt it was a trend that would not last long, but it seems to be still in full effect. As far as the definition of reversing heat damage, I assume that the meaning is that straight pieces of hair are becoming more curly. I will revisit the technology behind Olaplex again.

  2. Olaplex is described as a multi-bonder. I often find that pure protein treatments often boost the curl pattern in natural hair. I assume that Olaplex does about the same thing. From my understanding the results only last until the Olaplex treatment wears off. Damaged hair will return to damaged hair. I still do not plan to invest in the Olaplex at this time. I think that it is very safe to try especially if a protein treatment does not achieve the desired results.