Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Wet Loc Check-in at 3 years 3 months

In three days, my Sisterlocks will be three years and three months old.

It's getting there. My Pre-Rapanzel phase. 

I believe most of my Sisterlocks are definitely below shoulder length.

The back is flowing as well.

I decided to try a "Twist Out!"  Results will be in a separate article.

So why does everyone say that locs are so permanent?  Finally, I realized that they were using the wrong terminology to describe their hesistation with getting locs.  The magic word is "transitional."  The locs are not permanent, but yes, transitioning from locs to loose hair can be awkward from a styling standpoint.  So yes, loose natural hair and loose relaxed hair can transition back and forth to everyone's content.  However, if you add locs to the mixture and then want to go back to the relaxer, then people do not want to see the loose hair overgrowth at the root caused by neglecting the tightening sessions.

Each to his own.  I am still excited about the next few years to come!

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