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Friday, September 18, 2015

Review: Weave A Wig

Weave A Wig is like a detachable sew-in.  It is a wig construction with a net to sew down the perimeter.

Between relaxers, permanent color, aging, stress, and years of extension wear, my client's hair needed a break.  The cooler weather was coming, and we decided to give the Weave A Wig a try.  We had to cut the exotic length off to make it more practical for everyday activities.  The cost is around $50 USD, and we love it!

No shifting, No turning.  It is secured with thread and a perimeter braid around.  The hair is a human hair blend.  It can withstand moderate heat for curling. If someone is sleeping and working out and wearing it continuously, then it should last about 3 to 4 weeks before a replacement is needed.

The optional invisible part requires 6 inches of length to blend in the invisible part.  In addition, we left her perimeter hair out to blend.  The human hair blend in the color 4327 delivers a natural hair look.  The rest of the hair underneath the unit can be braided down.

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  1. The Shelia style weighs over seven ounces. Be cautious about stress on the perimeter.