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Friday, September 11, 2015

Natural Loc Transplant

I finally shed my first Sisterlock.  I mentioned in a previous article that I had about three Sisterlocks in the back of my head that have been consistently temperamental over the years.  They are in the same area where I would get consistent breakage periodically while trying to maintain relaxed hair.  Judging by the diameter of the curls in that area, the locs were too big for interlocking, and judging by the curl behavior, twisting works best for that area instead of interlocking.

Well, the good news is that I decided to transplant this loc to my sideburn area where I just split the Sisterlock.  I just shared in a recent article on this blog about loc splitting.

Now, I have transplanted my "lost loc" to the front.  I fed the top of the "lost loc" through the root of the shorter split loc and twisted it.  It looks flawless! I love it!  

So I have two more locs from the back that I will plan for transplanting when they are ready.  Combining is not an option because the locs are the wrong sizing for that area.  Usually combining locs does work to prevent losing locs, but i had three adjacent to each other.  I am not interested in a super large dragon loc area.  I will just plan to transplant the other two locs when their time comes.  I also letting that small area "afro" up to see what it wants to do since interlocking works against it.  Most of my head of hair has a little wider diameter of curl patterns. Interlocking is still working for the other 95% of my head.

Please see other articles on this blog regarding temperamental areas.

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