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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Successful Mediation regarding Sisterlocks

I had a reader to reach out to me regarding her Sisterlocks.  She was trying desperately to get in touch with her Sisterlocks consultant, and she had really just given up.  She needed a listening ear.  Initially, I gave her general advice that I would give to anyone displeased with their Sisterlocks experience; however, when she gave me the name of the consultant, I went into shock!  I knew this Sisterlocks consultant from one of my many Sisterlocks training classes.  I immediately went into mediation mode because I just was in disbelief that this particular Sisterlocks consultant (not naming any names here) was not up to par with superior customer service.  So I called the consultant, and I left her a message.  She returned my call.  I reminded her who I was in relation to our Sisterlocks training class.  She remembered me which set the tone for mediation.  I explained to her that one of her customers was frustrated enough to reach out to me for a Sisterlocks referral for her area.  I told her that my heart sunk to discover that the name of the consultant that was failing to return her phone calls was indeed a name that I held in high regard in the Sisterlocks world.  The consultant thanked me for bringing the misunderstanding to her attention, and she assured me that she was committed to providing this young lady with the customer service that we all expect from Sisterlocks consultants.  I emphasized to the consultant that this was not a question about her technical skills.  It was a customer service issue.  A young woman was so frustrated with her hair that she was searching abroad for answers.  Not a good look in the name of Sisterlocks, but obviously, this type of complaint is not new in Sisterlocks World.  Anyway, the young lady did hear from the consultant and wrote me this "thank you" note:

"Thanks for helping.  She did call me after I got your email.  We spoke and hopefully everything will work out.  I really appreciate your help.  Hopefully this was just an unfortunate misunderstanding.  But again thanks for helping me get in contact with her!  I know this might have been extreme just for hair, but I really appreciate it.  Thank you again."

I am so happy that this mediation went so well.  I wish that Sisterlocks headquarters was as dedicated to mediating complaints.  I can only assume that they get too many complaints to even invest the time to help consumers who are desperately seeking help for something so personal as their hair that they spent their hard earned money to get Sisterlocked.

So how much did I charge for this successful Sisterlocks mediation?   Zero dollars. It was indeed my pleasure and my passion to build and foster good Sisterlocks communications.  The "thank you's" from both sides was payment enough.

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