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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Review: Trionics Enzyme Color Developer

The Trionics Enzyme Color Developer has been around for decades, but I remember another White hairstylist sharing with me that she did not feel that it provided adequate gray coverage.  Then when I went to the California ISSE hair show back in January of this year, Trionics had a booth.  The representative put a finger tip of 50 volume developer in his mouth to show how safe it was.  I was impressed.  So I decided to put this developer to the test.

I tested hair samples from the same head source with the Schwarzkopf 20 volume developer versus Trionics 20 volume developer at room temperature only.

I felt the results were the same as far as color coverage.  The health of the strand was not significantly different. The reason why I was considering this developer was because my clients are aging, and many have relaxers.  Permanent haircolor plus relaxers can make the hair sensitive to more breakage.  I figure that if I can make the permanent haircoloring more healthy, then that is going to keep the hair stronger.

Now, for those who do not have relaxers or do not need relaxers, then I do not know if the gray coverage is adequate. However, the Trionics developers require heat processing, and it reduces the time for development.  20 minutes max of heat processing is the boundary.  

I have tried the Trionics with a relaxer and permanent haircolor client who also wears hair extensions.  It gave great coverage and saved us some processing time.  So far, I am pleased with the Trionics for those who get multiple chemical services as well as regular haircolor and highlights.

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