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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Curious About Curlformers on Sisterlocks

Curlformers come in different spiral sizes.  There are also "knockoffs" versions on the market too! 

Excuse the water stains on my face!  This was a wet set.  I did plait my locs before enclosing them into the Curlformers.  I only used two Curlformers because I anticipated a loose wave.  That is exactly what I got on my deep curl pattern.

I probably would not use the curlformers again only because I endured a lot of tension pulling my coarser hair through the Curlformers.  

My slightly larger size locs had to be massaged into the spiral shape because it tried to control the Curlformer.

Overall, it was a great little experiment with perm rods, braidouts, and Curlformers.  
(and another Liquid Chalk color refresher!)

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