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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

34 months Sisterlocks Wet Length Check

I am about five days early for my 34 months Sisterlocks Loc-versary, but I just shampooed and wanted to complete my wet length check-in.

Clearly, my Sisterlocks are past shoulder length now so think that I will need to make a  T-shirt with lines on it to gauge my length. Every month maybe overkill, but maybe every 3 months will be ideal for a formal measurement check-in.  Let me think about it.  I wonder do people buy shirts with lines on the back? 

I really, really thank my followers for being a part of my loc- Sisterlocks journey!  It's been interesting to learn about my hair, and I have no intention of leaving you hanging!   I know some of you had been using my journey as the groundwork for your own journey.  Everyone's hair is so different.  I am learning that myself.  I am less likely to even recommend locs now because I can not guaranatee everyone's locs to develop like mine.  I can only say that whatever hair that you had in your baby pictures and your one or two year old pictures give you the best snapshot of your own hair or loc potential.  

Please use your own history as your basis versus my day one pictures on my loc journey.  I had a LOT of relaxed hair that I began my loc journey with, and that may have given many people the idea that my texture was finer than what my unprocessed hair really was. I also really benefited from the time that I twisted my hair versus interlocking it.  It allowed me to bond with each loc in one tightening session.  

As far as my future articles on my hair,  I am hoping to begin focusing more on style crushes.  Showcasing the "locs version" of  "relaxed styles."  So stay tuned.

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