Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Star Struck at the 18th Annual World Natural Hair Show

Aevin Dugas is known for having the world's largest afro.

 April from vh1's Sorority Sister TV show came out to support the event.  She was not scheduled for any appearances, but I recognized her walking around, and she graciously agreed to take a picture with me.  I absolutely loved her on the Sorority Sister TV show.  She was the best dressed; had the best hair; smart, lively, theatrical, and one of the classiest divas of the show. I just loved her!!!!

 22" of natural hair weave by Curl Genetics.  Their longest length is 28 inches. The black hair is the model's own natural hair.  The brown color is the weave.  The company's focus is on texture.

Jane Carter Solution

Design Essentials

Taliah Waajid looked awesome in red.  I did not get a picture of her, 
but this was my first show attended of hers and I just loved it!!!!  I also had a lady to recognize me from my youTube liquid Chalk Tutorial.  I felt like a little celebrity.
A great day trip indeed!

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