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Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Sisterlocks Family Feels Like a Sorority

My Sisterlocks Family reminds me of a Sorority.  As many of you know that I am a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.  I am not actively paying dues, but I take pride in wearing my letters as well as connecting with my line sisters that pledged with me in 1989 at Clemson University.

I became a part of the Sisterlocks family in 2012.  I paid "extra"  for the rights to be affliated with the "Sisterlocks" trademark to distinguish my dreadlocks from traditional dreadlocks.  Others can get "Interlocs" completed that look exactly like my Sisterlocks for less money, but I take pride in my Sisterlocks Birth Certificate and my advanced Sisterlocks consultant training.

Let us talk about other points of interest: 

Personality conflicts 
Sororities as a whole have different women with different ideas.  Sometimes compromise is hard when completing sorority projects.

Sisterlocks is no different.  I prefer a more objective approach to caring for Sisterlocks where everyone's maintenance regimen is based on their own scalp and their own hairtype.  However, many Sisterlocks representatives have one set of rules that they believe in for everyone regardless of hair types.  Some of those rules include:
  • Do not use volume shampoo on your Sisterlocks.
  • Do not put oil or grease on your Sisterlocks.
  • Do not braid the ends of your Sisterlocks.
  • Do not use any gels - natural or otherwise on your Sisterlocks.
  • Do not add extensions to your Sisterlocks.
  • No cosmetology is needed in Sisterlocks world.

If you paid $400, $700, $1000.00 or more for your Sisterlocks, you can do what you want with your hair, and you can call your Sisterlocks whatever you want to call them when you want to call them. Once the "Sisterlocks package" is complete.  It is a done deal.  You earned your letters: S-i-s-t-e-r-l-o-c-k-s.

I completely disagree with having one set of hard rules for everyone maintaining Sisterlocks.  Even some of the "die hard Sisterlocks fanatics" who have stuck with the "Sisterlocks rules" have still ended up with lint and buildup in their Sisterlocks as well as being "parts challenged." Go figure.??
Negativity in Sisterlocks
Sometimes Sorors do not get along within a Sorority, but what goes on behind closed doors should stay behind closed doors.

There are many Sisterlocks Horror stories out there as I have mentioned in a previous article on this blog.  However, Sisterlocks headquarters does not make resolving consumer dissatisfaction a corporate priority.

Unfortunately, there will continue to be more and more Sisterlocks Horror stories because when it comes to Sisterlocks, you are ultimately dealing with the complexity of hair, independent contractors,  and "laymen" trained as "Sisterlocks technicians."

On a separate note, rigid rules for maintaining Sisterlocks has caused a lot of tension and stress.  Some hairtypes do benefit from clarifying their Sisterlocks with a volume shampoo.  Some hairtypes do benefit from lightweight oils.  Some people feel more confident in extending their own natural Sisterlocks with microlock extensions for weddings and for corporate workplaces. Why beat up people for "not following Sisterlocks rules" when some rules really do not apply to everyone?

Lifestyle versus Hairstyle
You should make your Sorority great and outstanding.  The Sorority should not make you somebody.  You need to be whole before joining a Sorority.

The same principle applies to Sisterlocks.  You should be whole before Choosing Sisterlocks.  You should have a vision of your own hair in Sisterlocks which will be a unique look independent of all the other beautiful Sisterlocks pictures that you see.  You can not just pick out a Sisterlocks look and expect your hair to be the same exact texture.  You can try to achieve a similar style, but the core hair and "loc print" is unique to its owner.

Someone like me can point out some models from a Sisterlocks calendar that may have hair similar to the potential client's hair texture.  Showing a potential Sisterlocks client what their locs will look like long term can save them time and money in case their vision does not match what their potential reality may be.

Penalized for voicing my Victimization
Similar to how the National Greek organizations banded together to get the "VH1 Sorority Sisters Television show" off the air because they were "airing behavior" allegedly unfitting to the real Sororities' image(s).

I also feel penalized because my name has been removed from the Sisterlocks Registered Trainee List. I have called, Facebooked, and emailed Sisterlocks corporate headquarters, and I have not received a return call nor has my name been added back to the list.  I took my first Sisterlocks four day training class in 2012 in Boston, MA.  I took my last class in 2014.  I assume that Sisterlocks headquarters has a personal problem with me because I am vocal about calling the Sisterlocks situations as I see them.  I try to be respectful in voicing my opinions, but I often do not feel that the favor is being returned.

This is my 1000th article posting!  Thank you for celebrating this milestone with me!!!!

Happy 1000!!!!

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