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Friday, April 3, 2015

Microlock Extensions Clarified

Pictured are traditional locs.

Sisterlocks founder, Dr. Cornwell made this statement in a recent forum:
 "There is no approved method for adding extensions to Sisterlocks.  Once anything is added to the hair they are no longer Sisterlocks. Call them something else. Also, any deviation to the Sisterlocks name (Sisterlocs, Sistalocks, etc.) is a violation of the trademark."

My interpretation of her statement:
If someone extends their Sisterlocks, then they need to refer to their locs as something other than Sisterlocks.  If the Sisterlocks grid is intact and the extensions are blended, then an unsuspecting Sisterlocks consultant would probably tighten a set of microlock extensions without realizing what they were.

On a separate note, I have said before, the rules are really for the Sisterlocks consultants versus the consumers.  The Sisterlocks consultants apparently can offer microlock extensions services, but they can NOT  offer Sisterlocks extension services.  Consultant can not call locs Sisterlocks if any extensions are attached.

Of course, I also wonder if repairing a Sisterlock by adding a broken loc back onto the loc means that one of your locs is no longer a Sisterlock? Assuming that if most of your locs are Sisterlocks, then you have Sisterlocks, but does anyone really care?

If someone with "bootleg" Sisterlocks (Sisterlocks without a Sisterlocks birth certificate) says they have Sisterlocks, will the "loc police" fly down and write a violation ticket?

A lot of energy was spent on this "play on words" surrounding "microlock extensions."  I am so happy that Dr. Cornwell just laid down the law.  It should make consumers more comfortable with getting extensions if they so choose.  Just be careful that the extensions are done seamlessly, and you stop referencing the Sisterlocks name; at least, until they are cut out or removed.

So folks: that's the deal with loc extensions as it relates to Sisterlocks!

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