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Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Grey Hair is the new 2015 Hair Trend

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photo credit: pinterest

The platform artist has Grey/Gray Braid extensions.  (Long Beach, CA 2015)

Grey natural hair - East Coast 2015
This model said she started out with blue hair, and it faded to grey. She says she still gets compliments!

Thinking about going grey, gray, or metallic grey?  2015 is the year!!!


  1. The first two example are hot as heck!! I really want to color my locks purple and I mean deep purple but I'm afraid of the damage.

    1. Jerome Russell has some temporary spray that is working for people. Bright purples and Bright blues. You may have tried it before. That brand has a few different categories of temporary sprays- I do not remember which category was working for people. No permanent color for me either. As far as the gray goes, I think wardrobe makes a difference! LOL!