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Monday, February 9, 2015

Spider Comb headbands

I was told the spider comb headband may be a "comeback" of the 1990's version.  Maybe not.

 I have been enjoying my comb headband from the 1990's so much that I was looking to find a replacement in case it breaks, and so far, I have not found anything exactly like it.  The spider comb headbands are close, but the teeth are so close together that I think that they will pierce through my Sisterlocks.

Also, the construction of the some of these headbands are really rough and pointy to touch. The way the plastic is cut on the headband, they can even scratch your skin.  The stretch of these headbands also seem tight.  Luckily, I only paid like .99 cents (less than a USD) for these two headbands pictured, but I don't think they are going to work for my loc needs.

Well, my search will continue for better quality, more comfort, and wider teeth.  Please see my article(s) on Headband updos for a picture of what I am looking for.

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