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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Loc Wet Set using Tropical Roots Moisturizing Foam

Curls plus updo seems to be my new "fly" look as one of my clients called it.  Laughing out loud.

 Bronner Brothers has now added a clarifying shampoo, conditioner, and Moisturizing Foam to their Tropical Roots product line.  The shampoo and conditioner was not as important to me as the styling foam.  I had the Taliah Waajid Crinkles and Curls foam in my inventory, but I was still looking for another foam option for natural hair.  I like this new foam because it seems more hydrating compared to the Crinkles and Curls.

I used the plait and tuck setting technique throughout my head.  It delivers great texture and volume. Updos are going to last longer than wearing my locs down.  I am so excited about my loc length.  Ultra  curly is my new friend for finger teasing to get volume.

I brought some of this foam back from my California trip.  This foam is not even in most of the stores yet.  However, if you are ready to try it, I am selling them for $5 a piece.  I wanted to pass the savings on to you!


  1. Water alone reactivates this foam. My locks did not drop at all during a misty day. The set held without any effort. Totally awesome foam. I have been impressed with the hold and shine!

  2. I would love to try, do you have any left for sale?

    1. AD Tabor: I am sorry to say that I just sold the last one this week! I pray that the beauty supply stores has it on the shelves on the East 'Coast now.

    2. Update: Dollar and Beauty off Sunset Road has the foam in stock!