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Friday, February 20, 2015

Caution: Disposable Gloves

Because quite a few people have latex allergies, hairstylists often prefer vinyl gloves over latex gloves.  Hair glue and certain condoms often are made of latex; so people with latex allergies should tell their hairstylist during the first consultation and at every visit. Of course, the condoms have nothing to do with hairstyling, but the hair glue and the disposable gloves can be a medical threat.

According to California Proposition 65 Warning as seen on the Diane by Fromm box pictured above, some vinyl gloves are made of vinyl chloride which has been shown to be cancer causing and harmful to one's health. However, before we get too un-nerved, I was told unless you are heating up the vinyl gloves or eating the vinyl glove, you should be safe.  Of course, food service handlers who pick up hot foods such as sandwiches could be introducing vinyl chloride into the food if the gloves contain a "vinyl chloride." 

I do not handle anything hot with my disposable gloves so I do not worry, but this information was good to know.  I picked up these pink disposable gloves for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Soooo cute!

The color is called Radiant Orchid. The brand is ColorTrak.  I did not see the cancer causing warning on this ColorTrak box, but I definitely will be cautious with all disposable gloves.

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