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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wet Length Check-in: Two Years and 5.5 months

Every loc I own and groom based on its own identity. Self tightening is on-going, but I know that my locs will support each other without worry.  I am not focused on well manicured locs.

I am not focused on consistent form.  Our natural hair does not have a consistent surface if we examine a strand of hair.  I say all of this to say that when it comes to loc maintanence, each to his own.  I am going to do me, and let others do them.  I am now two years and five and half months Sisterlocked.  I have been maintaining my locs for most of the time that I have had locs, and I could not be happier.  Hand interlocking works for me.

People love to see the locs gaining length, and so do I!  These wet check-in's are great!!!!

I am looking forward to my five year anniversary.  It will be twice this length. The shrinkage when it is dry will not make a difference anymore. The shrinkage does not bother me, but most people love seeing the length.

My back length is shoulder length or a little below. Black collars and Black turtlenecks are my best friends because they give the illusion of a solid bob.

I used the Colorproof Volume shampoo to deep clean because it felt soiled.  It cleansed fine.  I tell everyone about my wet set final styling in a future article soon.


  1. Your hair looks really nice - it's grown tremendously, and it's so shiny! I was looking at some of your older posts, and I saw that you said that interlocking didn't work well for your hair texture... could you explain what you meant? My hair is coarse 4c, and I was wondering if the same might be true for me.

    1. Hi Zebulun! My hair is resistant to straightening and by interlocking, it forces the hair to straighten and unwind. Therefore overtightening stresses my hair type. Hand interlocking does not stress my locks because I can not overtighten because there is always going to be a finger diameter of new growth compacted at the scalp. Also, some people can cause damage with the tools even if they do not overtighten. Different hair types will follow different rules. So someone with a shallow curl patten may do just fine with a firm tightening. I hope that this helps! (and no, I do not color my hair. It has always been jet black except from chemical damage and sun damage. So ultra hydration delivers maximum shine for me.) Thanks for writing!