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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Loc Wet Set using Clear Custard

I could not wait to try something new so I did!  I used the Honey CurlForming Custard with Honey and Chamomile by Design Essentials Natural line to wet set my hair. I used Colorproof Volume shampoo followed by the new Avlon MoisturRight Nourishing Shampoo prior to the wet set.

I did not use a conditioner at all because I am not using any permanent haircolor. Neither am I using any hot irons, so I should have minimal to no hair repair needs.  I had other cream gels and custards for natural hair styling in stock, but I wanted something clear in color to avoid some potential buildup.  So Design Essentials Natural Honey was the "go to" choice.

I used a half shoelace knot in the front and crown area for the curl pattern that you see.  My Sisterlocks are almost two years five months old.  I named the "half shoelace knot" myself because my locs are not long enough for a full shoelace. In the nape area, I three strand twisted and looped my ends into the braid to hold it.  I created this method myself as well.

The three stranded underlay technique was used to maintain my length in the nape area.  I named both of these techniques.  Now that my Sisterlocks are gaining length, I will try to do a tutorial on YouTube for both techniques.  Until then, I hope my description of the two different techniques makes sense.

By the way, I decided against any highlighting or permanent haircolor for my hair.  I want to watch and see how my gray hairs are going to form as far as patterns.  Also, my hair is so prone to dryness that it does not need any chemicals in it.

I will keep everyone posted on how long these curls hold.

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