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Friday, December 19, 2014

Healthy Hair requires Healthy Habits

Balanced meals, balanced diets, multi-vitamin supplements, and exercise are all a part of wellness.  Similar to reading the tree rings embedded into a tree stump,  our hair strands can tell us which time periods that we had healthy lifestyles and less healthy lifestyles.

When we eat right and exercise, our hair grows in fuller and less vulnerable to breakage from hair chemical processes.  However, bad nutrition will lead to weaker hair growing in which is vulnerable to breakage.

So if you look down a long strand of hair, you will probably find that your hair strand is NOT a consistent thickness.  Some areas will look thicker, and some areas will look thinner.  Similar to the picture of my Sisterlock above, I can tell that the loc started off too large for my curl diameter in that back area of my head.  So my loc balanced itself out into the appropriate size for my curl pattern.

To take things a little further, I also understand that healthier eating habits will keep my new growth coming in strong making for strong, fuller locs.

So watch your diets!  Try meal replacement shakes that have good nutritional value.  Drink more water. Get proper rest. Take dietary supplements to balance any nutrition deficiencies.

Also, remember if you get breakage from a chemical process, then the strand or loc may have broken at a break point that was caused by poor eating habits months and months prior to the breakage.

A new year is coming.  Please commit to healthier living.  Your hair will thank you!

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