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Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Adding a Bang for a Hair Style Update

Hair by Benita Blocker

My client of four years decided she wanted a style change so we went with a bang.  She does not have any hair extensions in her hair.  Her hair looked like a wig leaving out of the salon.  We did a blow-dry/style to achieve this wavy look.  She let me know that everyone thought her hair was a wig until they reached into her scalp. 

This same client usually gets a roller set, and we just let the curls fall naturally.

My client receives Paul Mitchell relaxer touch-up about every 3 months.  (About 4 times a year)

My specialty is medium to long hair - the healthy approach. I usually cut about every six months for clients who want to grow length.

I welcome all hair types who want to grow length.  Sometimes loc'ing the hair is the best solution, but if the relaxers are working for you - I do not force people to go natural.  I am a hair partner.  Give me three to six visits to work my magic.  Feedback always helps in order to get a proper regimen specifically designed for you and your lifestyle.

For Red Carpet Ready Hair, call Benita Blocker at Applebaum Hair Salon!

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