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Monday, November 17, 2014

Using Netting to Add Color and Cover Thin Areas

I had a follower/reader of my blog ask for help with thinning areas for her head of locs. I told her that I would complete an article on my experiment with netting.  I had another student in one of my Sisterlocks classes to share the idea with me, but I had never tried it until now.  How do you like my temporary splash of blonde in my locs above?  Ready to find out how I did it?  Well, read on!

You will need kinky bulk hair or some sort of hair to make it look like a loc.  You also need netting with holes large enough to pull your own locs through.  Worst case scenario, you can buy a scarf with eyelet holes or a headband with decorative holes or maybe even a slumber cap with eyelet holes.  You need something dark or flesh tone to pull the locs through.

I fed one long piece of extension hair through two holes in the netting.  I am just experimenting here.  You can make your own interlocked looking loc and feed it through.  The way you want your "loc extension" to look is up to you.

 I cut away the extra netting in the picture above because I only wanted to try a splash of color in my bang area.

 I started feeding two of my locs through the holes of the netting above where the loc extension is hanging.

I finally got the netting close to the scalp and anchored using my own locs to secure the netting.  I can cut the excess netting away.  I personally decided to leave this extra netting attached and just swooped my locs over it. This method gave me a thicker bang area and a splash of color. It probably helps that I keep a little new growth at my roots anyway.

The Final Look!  

I had no problem with sliding the netting back out of my locs.  It was harder sliding it up my locs versus sliding it down my locs.  This was a great experiment. I will need to make some loc extensions or buy some loc extensions that will blend with my own texture if I decide to use this method for color enhancement.

For those seeking to cover thin areas or balding areas while keeping your locs, I hope that you can see how this tutorial can help you too! Use your own locs around the perimeter of your trouble areas as anchors and as a platform to build loc extensions onto the netting.

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