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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Using Liquid Beeswax to Groom Dragon Locs

So this "triple headed dragon" loc probably started as a "two headed dragon" then I added a problem loc into it because it was adjacent to the "problem" loc.  You may be asking what is a "problem" loc?  For me, I had one loc at my hairline that would always snap off.  I remember when my first Sisterlocks consultant put the clip tool on it - it snapped completely off. She and I were both speechless. The spring closure of the Sisterlock clip tool just "clipped" the loc to a nub of new growth. However, even after, discontinuing use of tools, that one loc would never seem to stay loc`d so I combined it with the two headed dragon. It seemed like a good idea initially but all the extra nubs protruding from the loc was killing me from styling purposes.  Various ends were always sticking up from that "three headed dragon" loc.  So I massaged the dragon loc into a single loc without any product to see if it would mend together neatly.  It molded well together so I un-twisted the dragon, and  I proceeded to open my liquid Beeswax.

 I re-twisted the dragon loc with the liquid Beeswax oil.  I used very little, but it is still holding.  Ideally, I did not want to use any beeswax on my locs, but I was told about this liquid Beeswax, and it seems to be a good compromise for grooming dragon locs.  No more extra heads on this loc- Nice. Right?  Perfect timing too.  I ran into that other Sisterlocks Consultant that overtightened my locs and was charging me $75 for an hour and forty-five minutes worth of her time to overtighten them.  She was the second Sisterlocks consultant I had patronized.  Anyway, I saw her later in the day.  She spoke, but by the look in her eyes, I think that she was surprised that I had recovered from the damage that she caused.  She asked no questions, and I gave no insight into what I was doing differently either.  I am not sure what God's purpose in bumping back into her.  However, I think that maybe it was more educational for her than for me.

 I picked up this Murray's Liquid Beeswax from a local Korean beauty superstore.

The packaging is nice. Double /Triple sealed.  I only needed to use the oil off the red inner seal and then I re-sealed it.  I do not have any more plans to use this liquid beeswax anytime soon, but I will keep it on hand for backup in case I discover another dragon loc that would benefit from the grooming.


  1. With my first set of locks I successfully sewed, snipped,unraveled& joined my combos. It will be interesting to see how this works. My fear would be build up bc the chemical composition of the product. Keep us posted!

    1. This liquid beeswax feels more like an oil. According to the product description, it does not suppose have a strong hold by itself, but I will keep everyone posted. Since it started out as a liquid, I think that it should be less likely to cause a buildup, but we shall see. I just had that one loc that was driving me crazy.

    2. Thanks! I'm always curious to learn new things! It sounds interesting for sure!

  2. This loc repair came slightly loose during my last shampoo. I went back with Jamaican Mango and Lime Resistant Locking Gel plus more liquid beeswax oil to massage it back together evenly. Let's see if it will hold entirely during the next wash.