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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Top 6 Loc Self Tightening Opportunities

As you all know, I hand interlock my locs.  No tools other than my moderately small fingers.  I just feel around my roots until my fingers get stuck then I start interlocking that particular loc that has too much new growth.  The picture above is an older picture, but you can clearly see the excessive amount of new growth that needs to be hand interlocked.  Let me be clear, I no longer tighten my whole head in one session. Tightening my locs has become a part of my daily or weekly lifestyle.   So which opportunities during the course of my day allow me time to self tighten my locs?

1) The Traffic Light
Believe it or not, I can now hand interlock with ONE hand.  So one hand is on the steering wheel of the car, and the other hand is interlocking any loc that I feel needs to be tightened.  Usually, a red light gives me plenty of time to take care of one or two locs.

2) The Movie Theater
If I arrive early to a movie and the attendance is low, then I may start tightening a few of my locs that I feel need some attention.

3) The Speakerphone at Home
While catching up with a friend or a relative, I will put the call on speakerphone and work on my locs.

4) Riding Mass Transit
Whether riding the bus, subway, train, or plane, you can hand interlock anywhere that you feel comfortable.

5) Waiting for an Appointment to Finish up
Whether you are the client or if you are waiting on a client, you can hand interlock anywhere that you feel comfortable.

6) During television commercials
I usually need something to do during commercial breaks.  Tightening up my locs is definitely in rank with bathroom breaks!


  1. interlocking has become apart of your daily weekly lifestyle? That seems like a lot of hand-in-hair time.

    1. Well, people groom their hair everyday in some sort of way. Many people just play with their hair. I consider my daily routine a little of both. Thanks for the feedback So Wheeler!

  2. Replies
    1. LOL! Yes, I surprised myself one day as I was twirling at the red light. LOL