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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Safe Same Day of Relaxer Demi-Permanent Haircolor

Photo credit from Modern Salon magazine, August 2014 edition

Does anyone remember when Goldwell Colorance demi-permanent color had "Acid Lotion" written on developer liquid bottle?  Well, Goldwell has re-formulated their Colorance developers a few times over the last five years.  I do not think that they are as acidic as they used to be.

You may be wondering why is this "acidity" is important.  Well, human beings are acidic naturally.  Relaxers and permanent hair colors are typically alkaline.  So to have even a demi-permanent haircolor that is acidic in nature means a healthier option for coloring hair on the same day as the relaxer service for those who have resistant gray hair.

Well, guess what?  Beth Minardi's liquid demi-permanent color is acidic in nature.  You loving me right now?  I know you are!  It is music to a Black hairstylist's ears. I had been noticing the incredible health of the hair from using this haircolor each time that I have used it.  I had fallen in love with it and then after reading in the Modern Salon magazine that it is an acidic color, I finally understood why it was working so well.

Now, please do not confuse it with Beth Minardi's creme demi-permanent and creme permanent hair colors.  These two cream versions of her hair color are alkaline, and the permanent haircolor rules apply.  Two weeks wait for relaxer clients.  The liquid demi-permanent haircolor by Beth Minardi is the only one safe enough to deliver a beautiful light brown on the same day as a relaxer using 20 minutes of medium heat.

So remember - liquid Beth Minardi is safe.  Creme Beth Minardi is NOT safe on the same day as the relaxer. According to the Modern Salon article, the creme demi-permanent should be used with 30 minutes heat to ensure gray coverage as well.  From my experience with the creme demi-permanent, I would use caution if the hair is not healthy.  Without heat this creme color seems to take but it does not last past a week or two as far as fading is concerned.  I am still getting a feel for the cream haircolor. I will update everyone on the cream demi-permanent haircolor as I get more clients on it.

On a separate note, Clairol has liquid permanent haircolor.  Please do not confuse the "liquid" to mean that the color is acidic.  Beth Minardi's liquid haircolor is about the only one that seems to be acidic and safe.

Don't forget that the ICE line helps boost the gray coverage for the browns.  I have mentioned this in another article on this blog about Beth Minardi's line.

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