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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Review: Design Essentials Deep Fortifying Treatment

Bad news first:  I hate when manufacturer's give hair treatments generic names like "Deep."  You have to ask do you want the "Deep" deep conditioner or just a deep conditioner.  You feel me right?  The name can lead to a little confusion within the salon.

Now, the good news:  I love the smell of this treatment.  The Deep Fortifying Treatment is designed to be left on the hair for up to 15 minutes with heat.  I spend about five minutes combing it through the hair for even distribution, then I let the client sit under the medium heat dryer for another 10 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly and and continue to my next styling steps.

If it is a blow dry, then the aroma from the treatment just permeates the salon.  The hair smells delicious.  Not many conditioners leave a fragrance in the hair like that.

Unless someone has extremely damaged hair, I do not suggest using it on a regular basis.  The directions says that three consecutive weeks of use can greatly improve the hair's integrity.

So overall, the Design Essentials Deep Fortifying Treatment is a definite keeper for clients with double processing or if they need a quick treatment.

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