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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Loc Clippings from a Long Layered Loc Haircut

First of all, I did change up the color scheme for this blog in order to allow easier printability.  I previously had white text on a dark/black background.  It looked great on the computer screen, but when I went to print out my own articles, it was awkward.  So now, printing should be more clear.  So if the blog display looks different, then it is not you, I did recently update it.  Hopefully, it helps those who want to print out articles to share with others.

Now, you are probably wondering what is that in the picture above?  It is "Loc Clippings."

I performed my first long layered haircut on a loc client.  I used the same procedure that I use for regular loose long hair.  It turned out gorgeous. I hope to get some more loc haircut referrals from this client.

All of her locs stayed in tact and condensed.  Nothing frizzed up nor exploded. I cut between 2 and 7 inches off.  That was a year's worth of growth.  I used shears for control, but I did consider the clippers if she wanted a straight bob.

Based on the success from this haircut service, I believe year six is when the loc length and settling period should be safe enough to get a precision layered haircut with the shortest loc length in the crown area being about 10 inches.

This client is due for a full retightening within a few weeks, I will try to get a picture of the haircut at that time when the roots are all neat and groomed again.

*****Update**** As promised, a picture of my client's cut with some curl to it!
Haircut by Benita Blocker 2014

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