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Phenomenal . . .
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hair Advertisements Displayed on Mass Transit

 As this Express Transit Bus was loading passengers, I was amazed to see this banner marketing hair extensions.  Some people do not have a dollar to spare, and you wonder if there are enough people who do have $50 or more to buy hair extensions.

This banner was captured in May 2014, but this particular location was already closed as of October 2014.

Another large banner promoting African Hair braiding.

 There are small banners on the inside of the bus featuring hair braiding locations.

An African Hair braiding banner was also displayed inside the bus.

This WBTV banner was on the public transit bus promoting their newscast. It was a great picture, and I felt it captured the Natural hair and hair extensions movement.  This look is definitely ruling our commercial print industry.

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