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Phenomenal . . .
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Monday, October 6, 2014

Focus on Loc Shrinkage

Is it just me or has anyone else inhaled a Sisterlock up their nostril by accident? Anyway, I have been sniffling some due to the fall weather hitting so quickly, and on more than one occasion, I have sucked up a loc.  I am sorry if that is too much information, but I supposed that people with long hair must have sucked up their own hair before too.  I never remember sucking up my own hair before so with me gaining more length, I am sure that I will be making further longer length discoveries.

There was only a two day difference between the two pictures included in this article.  My natural, loose hair usually shrinks about 75% into a tight afro.  My locs still have about 25% shrinkage so I do not worry about showcasing length for myself, but I know that for others inspired by my journey, shrinkage is real based on your curl behavior.

I also braided my hair up one night to get the wavy look.  I initially felt the tension on my roots from the braids so I literally had to purposely re-braid my locs slowly and loosely.  Any type of tight ponytails or braided loc styling that is pulled even moderately tight can put stress on the locs.  I may need to even re-think wet sets.

My focus has been no stress on my tresses. I have not have any problems yet, but I have not had enough length to stretch my imagination with styling my locs.  So let me continue to stay conservative with styling for at least another six months, then I can try more fancy options with no tension.


  1. Five year lock and I still deal with shrinkage. now it doesn't bother me lol. As far as sniffing locks...I sniff it all the time, especially when I wash them LOL :P.

    1. Thanks Kreyola for confirming that I should just get used to inhaling my locs. LOL!